Verity’s Multimedia solutions use cutting edge extended reality technology to aid in delivering difficult information in an easy process.

What Do We Provide?

Verity’s Multimedia Solutions Use:

Graphic Design & Illustration

Informative graphics that encapsulate the most difficult information to be effortlessly consumed while demanding the viewers attention and respect.

Extensive Asset Library

Accurate 3D models that are built with special attention to detail based on SME’s, manuals and reference imagery

Utilizes Industry Standard software’s

Integration made easy due to the use of software such as Autodesk Maya & Max, Adobe Creative Cloud Products, and the Unity Game Engine

Virtual Reality Training and Conceptualization

Cutting edge technology that creates Virtual Reality experiences that aid in the familiarity of any subject matter.

Interactive Multimedia Instruction

The creation of IMI that is interactive, explanatory and clean.

Instructional Videos and Animations

Captivating and concise video’s that capture the viewers attention and hold their interest while only showing off what is needed.

Join Our Team

Lets work together with emerging threat evaluation, analysis, and simulation. These capabilities have been successfully applied to not only Science and Technology (S&T) programs, but also major weapon system acquisition programs and gap-filling warfighter solutions.