Systems Engineering and Analysis

Verity’s unique Performance, Effectiveness, Trajectory Analysis, Lethality, and Survivability (PETALS) methodology provides a multi-dimensional metrics-based operations analysis approach that is configurable for synthesizing system concepts, assessing effectiveness, and quantifying capabilities, limitations, and benefits. This includes consideration for technology and manufacturability constraints as well as constraints imposed by policy and treaty.

Petals Methodology

Utilize System Performance Analysis
Our comprehensive “Kill Chain” systems performance analysis process is applied to defensive systems to address the Battlefield Effectiveness Key Performance Parameter (KPP) and strike systems to address the Survivability KPP.
DoE helps Outline Relevent Conditions
Design of Experiments (DoE) is used to establish the critical levels and factors needed to outline the operationally relevant conditions for evaluation and required simulation fidelity.
Utilize Performance metrics
Performance metrics focus on sensor detection and tracking, threat assessment and weapon planning, communications network, and weapon flyout.
Understand Stakeholder Needs
It starts with understanding stakeholder needs to identify and decompose the essential elements of the analysis and define performance evaluation metrics
Assemble Analysis Plans
Analysis plans are assembled to specify the required runs for record, data collection requirements, and report generation needs.
Unique Scenario Generation tools
Unique scenario generation tools are used to perform basing and coverage analysis and establish technical and operational performance envelope characterizations.

Verity provides end-to-end Systems Engineering support including:

Verity has specific expertise in Weapon System Analysis including:

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